With more than 50 years of combined experience, let us help you find your voice! We make it easy, fun, and educational. After all, if you can’t tell your story, how you expect to help your students tell theirs?

Professional Development/Workshop Sessions are delivered to educators in 1-, 3-, or 6-hour programs. Longer programs can be developed for even more in-depth training.

  • “EduTechGuys LIVE! Create fun, live, online broadcasts with your students as stars!”
    • Live online show from the classroom or PD event, done in a fun, crazy gameshow style that demonstrates how to use various devices, methods, and practices to bring podcasting to your district, school, or classroom. With prizes!
  • Podcasting in the Classroom
    • Learn how to bring podcasting to your classroom through hands-on experience. Participants learn how podcasting can reach out to the community, parents, students, and other teachers. See how students are using podcasting as an alternate method of content assessment and demonstration of knowledge. We help you tell your story so you can help students tell theirs.
  • “Social Media for Classrooms, Buildings, and Districts”
    • Use the power and prevalence of social media to share your story with your community, parents, and other stakeholders. Learn how to create spaces for students to collaborate and communicate about the content in your classroom.
  • “What can You Do With Chromebooks Anyway!?”
    • Get a look at how far Chromebooks have come and all the things you can do with them in your classroom! They are much more than “web browser laptops.” Learn how to take advantage of “Offline Mode” for students without access and more!
  • “Edupreneurship: Making money on the side doing what you already do!”
    • Learn different ways to take your passion for education and earn extra money with it. Learn how sites like Etsy, TeachersPayTeachers, Youtube, Blogger, and more can help supplement your regular income.
  • “Escape Your Classroom: Escape Room Activities”
    • Combine content with puzzle-solving skills in order to “escape” the classroom! Get hands-on experience from a variety of breakout-style resources.
  • “Internet Security, Digital Footprints”
    • Do you really know what’s in YOUR digital footprint? Find out what’s online and what you can do about it. Learn how to help your students and yourself ensure that the digital footprints you leave behind tell the right story.
  • “Read It, Write It, Record it: Google Collaboration, Podcasting, Video Creation”
    • Use Google’s suite of tools to collaborate, communicate and share. Whether you are working as a team to develop professional development or helping students take part in a writer’s workshop, these tips, tricks, and tools take your classroom learning, assessment, production, and presentation to a whole new level!
  • “Let It Go!”
    • In many districts, the technology department serves as the be-all/end-all to what happens on the network and in classroom technology. We bring teachers, techs, and administrators together for frank, tough discussions as we help everyone navigate the changing environment of education technology.

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