Bring EduTechGuys LIVE! to your conference or event for ongoing, live coverage. We work with you to schedule presenter interviews, provide session information and updates, interact with attendees, and more! What better way to keep folks informed and entertained than with live coverage of your event? We talk with participants about sessions they’ve attended and/or plan to attend, report room changes and session additions or cancellations, and share other event-related information you specify.
*Note: We do *NOT* broadcast keynotes or individual sessions unless previously agreed upon. Our service focuses on “man-on-the-street” interviews and general event coverage.

Interviews From Previous Conferences

2017 Future of Education Technology (FETC)

Brenton and Jamel
Don Lee
Ira Socol
Gayle Berthiaume
Jennifer O’Sullivan
Jaime Donally
Scott Horan
Kevin Cornell
Nathan Lang
Monica Burns
John Tenuto
Luis Zulli Jr
Ivey Powell
Debra Jacoby
Cheryl Lucarelli
Debra Atchison
Andy Fekete
Andy Larson
Jason Gay
Tanaga Boozer & Terry Guiffre
Todd DeSando
Kathryn Locke
Atanas Bakalov & Scott DeVore
Chris Barnhart & Jennifer Lyons
Amanda Rosenburg
Christopher Freeman
Ed Chase
Ellen Weber
Kristen Mattson & Megan Davis
Josh Nichols & Wayne Sexton
Megan Flaherty, Ellen Lawrence, Sarah Peterson & Kristen Mattson
Robert Martellacci
Rachelle Poth
Sylvia Martinez
Zack Linson
Kyle Christian Steele
Mitch Weisburgh
Sadie Bradbury
Kara Marrow
Mickey McFetridge
Gary Lambert & David Yantef
Kristin Harrington & Tommy Neil
Elizabeth Zodrowski

“Excellent job you guys, it was fun!!!! Keep up the good work. Take care…”

Dr. Brian Talbott

Chair, USAC Board of Directors

“The radio guys asked well thought out questions generating information that was about me and what I do and what I am passionate about. Great questioning skills!!”

Beth Kabes

ESU 7, Columbus, NE

“The EduTech Guys were fantastic to work with. Their natural style and grace made our interview a breeze and, we felt, very effective.These gentlemen seem like they have been doing this for years. Thanks so much for the opportunity!”

Jacob Bruno

Corwin Press

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