EduTechGuys provides the following services to schools, organizations, events, and businesses:

Professional Development

We provide an array of workshops for your district, building, and classroom. Check out a list of topics on the WORKSHOPS page. We can also custom develop workshops for just about any topic in education technology, so don’t be afraid to ask!

LIVE! From The Classroom
Bring EduTechGuys LIVE! to your district, building, or classroom for a unique, game-show style experience. Participants not only serve as contestants, but also learn how to incorporate game show style aspects through podcasting and/or livecasting from the classroom!  Teachers will learn how to use various websites, equipment, and software to take their classroom to their community, their state, and beyond. We show you how to tie your content and your standards into class-oriented podcasting.
Generally available in 3- or 6-hour segments, easily adjustable for lengthier timeframes as desired.

LIVE! From Your Conference or Event
Bring EduTechGuys LIVE! to your conference or event for ongoing, live coverage. We work with you to schedule presenter interviews, provide session information and updates, interact with attendees, and more! What better way to keep folks informed and entertained than with live coverage of your event? We talk with participants about sessions they’ve attended and/or plan to attend, report room changes and session additions or cancellations, and share other event-related information you specify.
*Note: We do *NOT* broadcast keynotes or individual sessions unless previously agreed upon. Our service focuses on “man-on-the-street” interviews and general event coverage.

Custom LIVE! Programming
Do you have an idea for a LIVE! broadcast that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories above? No problem! EduTechGuys can provide custom programming for your district, organization, or business.

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