Keeping up with #ISTE2016 When You Are #NotAtISTE

It’s that time again! It’s time for the annual education technology conference that takes over the nation each year in late June: ISTE2016! This year, the conference is being held in Denver, Colorado. Though there will be thousands of people there, not everyone gets a chance to go to this amazing conference. (Sidenote: I, David, have been to several, starting back when it was known as the NECC conference many moons ago)

But, what if you CAN’T be there? How do you keep up with what’s happening? Thankfully, there is social media coverage in full swing! To help you keep up with where to go and what to follow, we’ve compiled some handy hashtags, sites, and tips.

  • Get on Twitter. Now. Use the SEARCH feature to find #iste2016 and follow it! You will also want to follow #notatiste and #notatiste2016 as well, since, you know, you’re NOT at ISTE…
  • EduTechGuys – We will be doing our own #NotAtISTE broadcasts each day at 4:00pm Central. We’re asking folks that ARE at ISTE to phone in (via Google Hangout Event) and give us a rundown of what they did that day! Tune in to for this unique, live event!
  • MicrosoftEDU – Check out their Facebook Page for live look-ins and updates during the conference!
  • You might also want to check out ISTE’s “Recent Blogs” section:
  • FOLLOW the people that are posting about ISTE if they are sharing things that interest you and/or appeal to your classroom needs/wants. Here is the Twitter “list” with over 300 ISTE presenter members! Follow THOSE folks if you aren’t sure who to follow!
  • Join the Google Plus group “NotAtISTE” – It is a closed group, so you have to ask for admittance, but that should not be a problem!
  • Tony Vincent does LIVE Periscope look-ins during ISTE!

The main point here is that even though you AREN’T at the ISTE conference, you can still have a cool, fun, “living vicariously through conference-goers” experience! The key is to take time each day to check in with the hashtags and the folks you are following. If you are new to Twitter, don’t worry – you don’t have to post a thing. You can simply use the hashtag searches and start following people that appeal to you and your needs/style/wants.

Of course, we at EduTechGuys would LOVE it if you would join us each day of ISTE at 4pm Central for online, live call-ins, updates, and more!

What if you *ARE* at ISTE!? Well, then, PLEASE feel free to join us LIVE to share your experience! Be sure to follow @EduTechGuys on Twitter and Facebook to learn how you can join the live Google Hangout coverage for those of us that are #NOTatISTE2016!

Upcoming Events!

EduTechGuys will be LIVE at the following conferences:

  • June 7 – LevelUp! Conference, Texarkana, AR (Two workshop sessions)
  • June 14 – SWAEC, Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative, Hope, AR (Afternoon workshop session)
  • June 15-16 – HSTI, Hot Springs Technology Institute, Hot Springs, AR (Live conference coverage plus one workshop session)
  • January 24-27 – FETC, Future of Education Technology Conference, Orlando, FL (Live conference coverage)

Keep watching for addition conferences and workshops, sessions, and conferences!

We’d love to be at YOUR conference! Use the form at the bottom of our landing page: 


Conference Radio!

Live radio at my next conference? Why in the world would I need that?

You need it to provide your presenters, vendors and attendees an outlet to be heard and promote their agenda in a one on one setting.  We find that most presenters have much more to tell about their topic than can be conveyed in the group setting. When engaged in a one on one interview, the questions that are posed bring out a much more in depth discussion and understanding of the topics and agendas these talented people have to offer.  Vendors also like the opportunity to more clearly define the role of their company an product in education.

The discussions are then parsed out and posted as separate podcasts.  This allows the interviewee to use this podcast audio in the future for promotional or educational uses. Also, this gives the listeners a much shorter, manageable selection to acquire information from presenters and vendors. The uses of podcast interviews through social media are endless. Many people find this a wonderful addition to any conference or convention.

Contact the EduTechGuys today to find out how we can enhance your next event.



ISTE and the Excitement it Generates

I have never been to the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) convention. I always think about it, but work and summer projects for the district always seem to take precedence. I do enjoy the tweets and blogs from the convention. Mostly people go to get inspired or look for that “silver bullet.” I have noticed a theme creeping in this year. “Why are things staying the same?” Interesting. From sessions about diversity in EdTech to using technology to influence community/scholastic mindsets, I believe everyone has hit that inevitable burnout.

Remember when everyone needed a website? Everyone needed to blog, tweet, pin, etc. Well, on the whole, we all do it now. So what’s next? Well, it’s called being creative. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. You need a product, not a service. Services are great, but products move. I think this is why the MakerSpace movement it such a boom. Products. It might just be a 3D printed phone case, but it is a tangible representation of the student’s idea and the promise of ideas to come.

Interestingly though, as usual, these things only affect a small percentage of students. Talent is a word that people love and hate. The talent to do various activities is a definitely limited club. We love to think that coding, 3D print design, digital graphics, digital music, etc. is something everyone can engage in. They definitely can engage in it, but only a few will excel and succeed. There is a silver lining though. There IS something for everyone. I think we need to drill down inside each area and find other sections for each and every student to be productive in. There are so many connected avenues to each and every career on this planet that are never expounded upon for the sake of presenting alternative paths for the student.

I think once we start to open the door to the multitude of jobs/careers that exist and their ability to be enhanced by the modern technology that students love, then things won’t stay the same. Most likely, the creation of these new tracks may insight a rebellion against the “I hate school” movement. The excitement generated by multitudes of students engaging learning and technology to further enhance their future may be just the prescription education in America needs right now.

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