EduTechGuys are Jeff Madlock and David Henderson, bringing live conference coverage and professional development to events and schools. EduTechguys Conference coverage brings a new element to the conference experience. Broadcasting live from the event, the guys add an atmosphere of excitement to the minute by minute energy of the event. Scheduling interviews with your keynotes, presenters and vendors, ETG creates one more venue for your provider and attendees to tell and hear each other’s stories.    Professional development means the EduTechGuys appear LIVE at your school or district for fun, interactive programs that educate and inspire teachers and staff to embrace podcasting as a part of their curriculum.


Jeff founded EduTechGuys prior to 2015, but it wasn’t until he and David sat at lunch one day and came up with an idea to broadcast live, weekly online radio shows that EduTechGuys found a purpose. The day after the brainstorm, they approached Corwin Press and Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative about providing live coverage for a two-day event. They agreed and the EduTechGuys instantly grew wings!

Since June 2015, the EduTechGuys have performed more than 45 weekly live podcasts, featuring a variety of guests. They have also provided live conference coverage for local, state, and national events such as “Hour of Code” at a local school, “Schools Without Walls” and “Arkansas Conference of Technology” in Arkansas, FETC in Orlando and the Association of Education Service Agencies (AESA) National Conference in New Orleans.

2017-18 Schedule of Events (July 1-June 30)

  • October 7 – TCCA – Aldine, TX
  • October 18-20 – Arkansas Conference of Technology – North Little Rock, AR (3rd Year in a Row!)
  • October 29-30 – Schools Without Walls – Hot Springs, AR (3rd Year in a Row!)
  • November 29-December 2 – AESA National Conference – San Antonio, TX (3rd Year in a Row!)
  • December 5 – SAU Robotics Expo – Magnolia, AR (2nd Year in a Row!)
  • January 23-26, 2018 – FETC – Orlando, FL (2nd Year in a Row!)




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