EduTechGuys is a high intensity rollercoaster ride of super fun which takes mortal form in the two distinct entities which are David Henderson and Jeff Madlock. Crafted in the fires of Mt. Wannahockaluggie, these two self-proclaimed high priests of edtech first started navigating the world of educational technology on the web through a podcast, over a ravine in a rain storm in 2015 (Sharkbait, ooh ha ha). Since then the two have traveled the nation bringing their joy for silly puns and more importantly sharing the journey of each educator they encounter. The guys enjoy sharing all the wild and crazy edtech ideas that bounce into their sandbox with teachers, administrators, students and parents.

Weekly, Live online podcasts

EduTechGuys produces a weekly, live online radio podcast. We started in June 2015 and have featured many guests. The following guests have appeared on EduTechGuys Radio (alphabetical order by last name):

Live conference and event coverage (Linked items: Audio available online)

The guys have also broadcast LIVE from the following conference and events:

Live event coverage includes discussion about various breakout sessions, interviews with presenters about their sessions, talks with attendees regarding sessions attended and/or opinions about the event, vendor “pop-ins” with brief overviews and booth information.

Professional Development/Workshop Sessions

Professional Development/Workshop Sessions are delivered to educators in 1-, 3-, or 6-hour programs. Longer programs can be developed for even more in-depth training.

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